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Save the rain water!

Wendy . Blog Published 27 March 2011

You're a responsible citizen. You try to take care of our limited natural resources. You recycle everything you can. You turn off the lights when you leave a room and only use the heater when you really need it. You even water your house plants by keeping a bucket in your shower for those first few minutes when the water comes in freezing cold. You're good.

Imagine you have a house out in the countryside or up in the mountains. All your garbage must be taken to the dump, utilities are expensive and even water is at a premium. You want to do your best. You'd be more careful than you are at home, wouldn't you? What can you do? You can burn all the paper goods. You can collect rain water....but wait. It's been raining and raining but the rain water barrel never fills up. What's going on? There's a visitor,that's all. Pictures taken in Colorado Springs...


citizen: ciudadano
resources: recursos
the heater: calefacción
to water: regar las plantas
bucket: cubo
shower: ducha
freezing cold: helado
countryside: el campo
garbage: basura
the dump: basurero
utilities: gas, electricidad, agua
burn: quemar
paper goods: cosas de papel
fills up: se llena
What's going on?: ¿Qué pasa?

Have you ever seen a bear, up close in the forest?

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