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Wendy . Blog Published 03 February 2009

The holiday shopping frenzy is over. We spent every cent we had on presents for our friends and relatives, and for ourselves. Come on, admit it. You DID buy things for yourself. How could you resist all the pre-Christmas sales this year? You just HAD TO have that sweater you saw at the mall. And a couple of CDs. And the boots which were marked down to ONLY 110 Euros! What! Are you kidding? What are you doing buying expensive things for yourself!
Well, it’s January now and you have a little money from dear Uncle Pepe who thought you might like to shop for your own present this year. Yeah, Uncle Pepe! There is no hard road ahead “cuesta de enero” for you. You have a job, and new clothes that the 3 Kings brought you. And now you are heading for the electronics store so get an i-phone or an External Hard-drive with that money which is just burning a hole in your pocket. And while you’re there, you might as well check out some of the other stores. They’re all slashing their prices again and again, hoping to get all those shoppers in the door. Don’t succumb! You still need to have some beer money. And you want to see that new movie, and go skiing and ….and…and.
Maybe you should cut back on the shopping. I mean it IS snowing outside and you may get stuck at the mall for hours!. It might be a good idea to give up the shopping for a day or two, stay home and STUDY for your midterms and finals.

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