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The Reporters and Camera Crews at the Clinton Conference

Wendy . Blog Published 01 June 2009

Camera crews and reporters were there en masse for Bill Clinton's speech at the UEM on May 22nd.

Head sets were available for simultaneous translation, but I don't see anyone wearing wearing them. Do you? Some people preferred to hear the talk in Spanish, but the great majority were listening to Clinton as he spoke in English. I assume this means that most of the press and the UEM community who were in attendance understand English and had no problem following what was being said. If you were there and didn't catch it all, or if you didn't have an invitation to the event but would like to know what Mr. Clinton had to say, check out the transcription of the speech on the UEM on-line newspaper.


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EMiLiO (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

It was a nice speech. I followed it without translation too. When you listen to something that is being translated you never get the "real thing". What you hear is subjective. It happens a lot in movies and tv shows. The interpreter sometimes has to make up things because he can't translate what is being said. SOmetimes he can, but it would not make any sense, since people without the cultural background of the people who live in the country where the movie or the show was made would not understand references, jokes, etc.

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