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A new school year

Wendy . Blog Published 07 September 2010

Remember the first day of school when you were a child? You had your new clothes, your new books, your notebooks and pens and maybe a new backpack! You couldn't wait to see all your school friends again, but you were very reluctant to give up the freedom of summer vacation.

Well, things haven't changed that much. Your mom probably doesn't take your "First Day of School" photo any more. You´re the one who grabs your cell phone to show pictures to all your friends and take their pictures on the first day back.

It IS incredibly hard to come back. That summer break was much too short and oh so very long ago. And you have all the challenges of a new academic year.

Well, we have to be thankful for one thing. We don't start back to school until September, and the first year students won't appear till October.

In many parts of the US school starts about the 20th of August. They've got to be kidding! What happened to a nice long, warm summer vacation?

Spain is good. Spain believes in down time--and that happens in August. August, the month in which most of the country just closes down and everyone heads for the beach or the mountains or back to the "pueblo" or travels abroad. You need to get something done....call again or come back in September. You have a medical problem. Try to hold off until September. You want a loan.. You've finally found the perfect house but you'll have a mortgage. Sorry, come back in September.What? But I need it NOW!

Well, it's now September. Everything starts up again. And here we are looking forward to the 2010-2011 academic year. Welcome back. And now the eternal question: Did you do your homework?

I'm sure you spent a lot of your summer practicing your English. Good for you! You're making an effort. You're preparing for the future. You're getting ready for the international job market.

Hope to see you or hear from you soon.



Give up: dejar atrás, despedirnos de, soltar, rendir,
Freedom: libertad
grab: coger, agarrar
back: de vuelta
hard: duro, difícil
break: descanso, tiempo libre
challenges: desafíos
thankful: agradecido
appear: aparecer
till / until: hasta
They've got to be kidding: Tienen que estar bromeando
What happened?: ¿Qué pasó?
down time: tiempo ocioso/de relax
close down: se cierra/ se echa el cierre
heads for: irse zumbando para / dirigirse a
travel abroad: viajar al extrajero
get something done: que te hagan algo /hacer algo
hold off: esperar, aguantar hasta
come back: volver
a loan: un préstamo
mortgage: hipoteca
sorry: lo siento, lamento
look forward to: esperar con ganas
get ready for: prepararse para

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Comments (3)
Manuel (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Hey !! who is looking forward to start the new academic year ??? im not !!! hahahaa But we have to do it anyway ! Although it hurts ... ;)

Anónimo (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Manuel, You're going to have a great school year. You're going abroad on Erasmus. Wish I could go too! Grammar point: look forward to + verb ING. I'm looking forward to hearING about your year abroad. Wendy

Manuel (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

hahahaha ok teacher ! i m always looking for learning from you ! ;P

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