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The Lost Generation

Wendy . Blog Published 17 May 2010

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />How is your attitude these days? Are you usually up, or are you often down in the dumps. Are you taking the world by storm, getting prepared for whatever comes your way, or just complaining about everything? Maybe you're in your 20s, studying a lot and looking for a job. Maybe you're in your 30s and don't have the money for a mortgage, or in your 40s, trying to do a balancing act between work and family. You could be in your 50s worrying about your adult kids and your aging parents. And then come your 60s and your retirement fund, if there is one. Wherever you are on the wheel of life, I'm sure you're active and busy and wondering what the future holds.

In the US there is an association for retired people called AARP, American Associaton for Retired People. They set up a contest called "U @ 50" meaning "You at age 50" and surprisingly a 20 year old girl won second place. Her video is very simple, and at the same time brilliant. Read along with her, all the way through. You'll discover that this is a palindrome--you can read it forwards and then backwards as well. Pay attention. The meaning changes completely. The Lost Generation
Is your generation apathetic and lethargic? -Wendy


Are you up?: estás animado
Down in the dumps: con depresión
Taking the world by storm: comiendo el mundo
complaining: quejandose
mortgage: hipoteca
balancing act: actuación de equilibrio
worrying: preocupándose
wondering: preguntándose
kids: hijos, niños, críos, chavales
aging parents: padres ancianos
retirement fund: pension, jubilación
wheel: rueda
holds: trae, tiene, sostiene
set up: montar, organizar
pay attention:presta atención
meaning: significado

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