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It's spring ! "April showers bring May flowers"

Wendy . Blog Published 03 February 2009

It's spring in Spain!
The grass is growing and the flowers are blooming.
The birds are singing and the days are getting longer and longer. So why did I spent all day in my office at the computer instead of going outside to enjoy the lovely weather? There was just too much work to do today. I'll make up for it soon. Tomorrow I'm going to a great B & B, a "Casa Rural" in a beautiful green valley up in the mountains. It's near El Paular, in Oteruelo. I go every year, and take a long walk along the river. It's great to be outdoors and have a little free time to smell the flowers. Can't wait! Sure hope it doesn't rain.

In English we have a saying:April showers bring May flowers. How do you say that in Spanish? And in other languages?

Right now the fields I pass on my way home from work are green and there are wild flowers everywhere. I see yellow and blue and pink and purple flowers, but the delicate red poppies haven't appeared yet. They will. They always do.

And then a few days later, practically over night, the weather will change. It will get hot and dry. And all the fields and flowers will turn brown.

What kinds of wild flowers are there where you live?

In California you see poppies in the fields too, but they are orange. I'd never seen a red poppy until I came to Spain.

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