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Inglés nivel medio

Wendy . Blog Published 19 July 2011

Do you speak English? Of course you do. You know a lot of words like:

taxi---sandwich---golf---hospital. You know that when you have a beer with your friends you say "cheers" Your accent may not be great, but you can make yourself understood. Or can you?

What did you put on your CV: native speaker/ bilingual/advanced/B2? If you're like most Spaniards you speak some English, and you'd like to speak it much better. We're working hard to try to help you.

I thought you'd like to see this YOUTUBE. On 13/2/2011 Luis Merlo described "Inglés Nivel Medio" at El Club de la Comedia.

So....are you at "Inglés nivel medio?" If so, you haven't been coming to your English classes. And now it's summer time. You're free! You can get that level up!Talk to the foreigners! Go to a foreign country! Make an effort to use your English!

If you are still "Inglés Medio" do something about it!!!


beer: /bir/ cerveza NOT (bear: /beir/ oso).
cheers: /chirz/ salud - (un brindis)
CV: curriculum vitae
you're like: eres como...
Spaniards: españoles

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elena (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I don't want to be a "ingles medio"! I want to speak english much better. AndI try to practise all the days but it's difficult because I don't need it for my job and my husband doesn't speak very well english. I'm glad when I listen to my daughter count in english!

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