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I just received a newsletter !

Wendy . Blog Published 16 December 2011

I just received a newsletter in the mail. I wasn’t expecting it. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I’m just like you. I get emails every day, lots of emails. I live staring at the computer screen, writing messages, reading messages, preparing classes, consulting colleagues. My computer and I are a twosome: we can’t be apart for more than a day or rigor mortis sets in. Snail mail? I rarely use it. In fact, days go by and I don’t even look in the mailbox. This month is different: Christmas cards are coming in! An annual message from friends and family. I’m still debating with myself if I should send out cards this year. Maybe an email attachment to the tech savvy, and a real store-bought card in a real envelope with a real stamp for the older generation who never graduated from the typewriter and/or perfect penmanship club. I might push the wrong button says the 94 year old ! “After I write my letter on the computer and push SEND it disappears” says another. So I feel guilty as the days go by, and my cards remain unwritten. Meanwhile I check the mailbox.

Every few months I get the TESOL-Spain English Teachers’ Newsletter, and the UC Berkeley Alumni Magazine, and the AGD Quarterly, but that’s about it. The one newsletter that appeared yesterday surprised me. It was from the University of California Berkeley, Study Abroad Program. It was addressed to me and came International Priority Airmail. Wow! They found me after all these years, but I’m still in no position to donate funds to the EAP program.

I admit it. I was a foreign student in Spain. And it changed my life. Of course, this was many, many moons ago. Actually it was so long ago that most of you weren’t on this planet yet!

The Fall 2011 Newsletter of the UC Berkeley Study Abroad Program includes articles written by present day study abroad students. The one that caught my attention was sent in by Justin Hinton who graduated from UC Berkeley in 2011 with a degree in Media Studies. He was catapulted onto the international stage when the revolution broke out in Egypt. Why did i fixate on this story? Cairo? The Nile River? Aswan? I had been there too, just a few days before the outbreak of hostilities. What happens when you’re abroad and things get tense? You get sent home. Justin returned to the States and was then sent to Korea to finish up his year abroad. More adventures there. One year in 2 different countries. Justin is not the same boy who started off on his big adventure abroad. You won’t be either.

Ah, yes. Go abroad! Travel! Study other languages or perfect the one you’ve been struggling with all these years! Learn about other cultures! Broaden your horizons! Look at life from another perspective. Go! Go! Focus on your future ! UEM has a lot of Study Abroad opportunities. Talk to the International Office. http://www.uem.es/es/conoce-la-uem/internacionalidad


staring/stare: mirar fijo

a twosome: una pareja, un dúo
snail mail: correo tradicional /correo "caracol"
mailbox: buzón
stamp: sello
penmanship: caligrafía
guilty: culpable
fund: fondos
foreign: extranjero
actually: realmente
outbreak: comienzo
abroad: en el extranjero
degree: título acádemico
perfect: (pronunciado perféct) perfecionar
broaden: ampliar, extender
horizons: horizontes

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Comments (3)
Esther (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

While deciding whether to go abroad or not we all need to keep our English updated. Thanks for another English-tastic post Wendy! Fun-tastic as always (Just learned the "-tastic" suffix and had to use it. I cannot help myself!! hehe)

LFE (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Yes!travel! discover! be open! travel make you aware of where and how you live, where and how others live and discover your own thoughts, your dreams, your reality and those of the others. dont stop travelling when you can!

Loren (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Is different when you travel as a tourist than when you live in the country. The experiences at the beginning might not be as easy as the ones you feel being a tourist, but they are richer and go deep in your soul forever. And the people you have known will be forever attached in your hart and mind.

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