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GREASE: You can dance! You can sing!

Wendy . Blog Published 12 November 2009


Alberto Aparicio and Antonio Garcia, who are doing double majors in Sports Science and Physiotherapy, truly are the "best entertainers at the UEM LAB". They put on quite a show yesterday, actually 2 shows. And they got everyone up and moving. This was definitely a kinetic, total physical response activity, and it was in ENGLISH! We handed out song sheets and quickly discussed the vocabulary and grammar or lack of it. We sang and danced and laughed. And we made a lot of noise!

Last spring after attending our complementary class "Mamma Mía", Alberto and Antonio told me that they wanted to do "Grease". They were entertainers in hotels in Mallorca during the summers and they could pull it off easily. Well.....well...sure. Why not? Let's do it. Here's the result. Sorry you missed it. More photos?


major: carrera universitario
truly: (really): de verdad
handed out: repartieron
sheets: hojas de papel (sabanas)
lack of: falta de
pull it off: realizarlo, conseguirlo
missed it: lo perdiste


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Patricia Sánche... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I like so much this film. My mother showed me it and really like it. When I had been at sixth grade of primary I represented the film in a theatre with my classmates. I interpreted Marty, one of the Pink Ladies. I would like represent it again with my classmates because it was very funny and now we could do it better.

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