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Wendy . Blog Published 26 October 2011

Have you been to the UEMLAB, English Language Program at the Universidad Europea de Madrid this week? Have you seen the Giant Pumpkins in the basement of Building A? Every year for the last 6 years we've sponsored a GIANT PUMPKIN CONTEST. The seeds from the preceding year's pumpkins are distributed in the spring. The little seeds become little plants, then long vines and finally yellow flowers appear. This is the critical moment. Will the flowers become pumpkins? Will they just wither and fall on the ground? Will the treacherous white flies get them?

Come to the UEM LAB and check out this year's crop, brought in by people from many different departments at the UEM. Who said University professors are always glued to their computers and spouting knowledge in the classroom? Who said the rest of the university community are too busy to have a hobby on the side?


on display: en escaparate
pumpkin: calabaza
basement: sotano
sponsored: patronizado por
seeds: semillas
the spring: la primavera
vines: cepa
become: llegar a ser
wither: marchita
ground: tierra
treacherous: traicionera
flies: moscas
check out: mirar, fijarte en
crop: cosecha
glued to: pegados a
spouting knowledge: soltando conocimientos

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Antonia Nogales... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Every year, It's really surprising the different size pumpkins that are exposed ay building B. I think all of them are fantastic! I really like the promotion of Halloween that our University make in October every year. I think it's an opportunity to learn more about that celebration, because its origin are completly different for our culture. I wish every year you could do those tipe of activities

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