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Wendy . Blog Published 26 September 2013

. What was going on at the bridge today? Anything unusual?

. Well, yes, the language professors were out en masse, talking to passers-by in multiple languages and giving out stickers which read: I speak English.... Hablo español.... Je parle français.... Ich spreche Deutsch.... Falo português.... Parlo italiano.....

And, of course, those weren't the only languages our campus community speaks.
We talked to a group of Turkish students, Swedish students, and others from Mexico.

And you, you spoke to us, to Declan, Arancha, Mitch, Martin, Luis, Sara, Ana Elena, Esther, Miguel, Kelly, Chantal, Isabel Garcia, Ilene and me, Wendy. And we enjoyed talking to you.

Arancha talked to this student who spoke German, English and Spanish. And he was good at all three! And you?

"Est-ce que tu parles français?". "Mais oui!"
"Hello. Where are you going?...Do you speak English?" "Yes, of course. I'm from England" .

This student is from England too.

"¿Hablas español? ¿De dónde eres? "No, no mucho. I'm from Turkey." "Oh, but you speak English really well. What about French?" Non, pas de français." Well, you just answered me in French, didn't you? Here's a sticker!
Within a few minutes a lot of people had stickers on their shirts or sleeves or binders.

It was a short activity, but a lot of fun. And we celebrated the THE EUROPEAN DAY OF LANGUAGES //ue-comunidad-production-files.s3.amazonaws.com/blogfiles/shakespeare/-poster.pdf . It was a little warm in the sunshine, but it was nice in the shade, talking to Laureate exchange students and Erasmus exchange students, Spanish students, Engineering School professors and administrative staff. Almost everyone stopped to talk to us for a minute or two. Bien! Good for you!
What we noticed is that most of the people we talked to spoke at least 2 languages.

Many spoke 3 or 4. One professor talked to me in 5 languages and got a sticker for each one! I wonder what her colleagues said when she got to her faculty meeting, 2 minutes late. "You're late" or "Wow!" You speak 5 languages. ¡Qué envidia!

Yes, the Language Center was out on the bridge today. And so was Hernando Gomez, an Audiovisual Communications professor, you took these great photos! Thank you Hernando !



bridge: puente
language: idiomas, lenguas
passers-by: gente que pasaba
giving out: repartiendo, regalando
stickers: pegatinas
Turkish: turco
Swedish: sueco
sleeves: mangas
binders: carpetas
sunshine: sol
shade: sombra
colleagues: colega
faculty: el profesorado

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