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Drive safely! Buckle up!

Wendy . Blog Published 15 June 2010

You're off with your friends. For an hour, for a weekend, for the summer.

You're talking and laughing and having fun. Sound familiar?

Well... be careful!

We got stopped at a lone traffic circle on a country road near a provincial town with absolutely no traffic in sight. The Guardia Civil, police, pulled over the lead car and then his partner signaled for the 2nd car to pull over too. What was this all about?

Before we got the explanation as to why we were stopped, we were told to hand over our IDs. My passengers handed over theirs, but mine was in my purse in the trunk. The police officer asked me again, so I started to get out of the car. "Get back in the car," he growled. "But you asked for my DNI. It's in the back" I replied.

"Stop! You're not wearing you yellow traffic vest ! You can't get out of the car without your vest on." I looked at him and the deserted road in astonishment." Well.... What? " He said "OK" and I got my DNI for him. Meanwhile those in the other car were going through a similar procedure. The police officers strode back across the deserted road and called in our IDs I guess. When they returned we were told that the woman in the back of my car was getting a 150 Euro fine for not wearing her seat belt. She was not given a copy of the fine but would receive it in the mail.

The other car was ready to go, so off we went to meet up again a few blocks away. The backseat passenger in that car had also received an invisible fine, but for over 200 Euros! Why the difference? Conflicting opinions of the 2 police officers? Male/female discrimination for backseat traffic offenders? I think it was probably the fact that one had a driver's license and the other didn't even though neither was at the wheel. We were angry............but the police officers were right. Seatbelts are important, even if you are in the back seat.

Look at this short commercial from Chile. It says it all.

Wendy. See vocabulary below.

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Buckle up: abrochar el cinturón
You're off with: libre, por allí con
got stopped: te pararon
lone: solitario
in sight: a la vista
pulled over: nos pararon
lead car: primer coche
hand over: entregar
purse: bolso
trunk: maletero
get out of: salir de
replied: contestó
vest: chaleco
strode: (past tense of stride) caminó
fine: multa
blocks: manzanas, calle
at the wheel: al volante, conduciendo

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EMiLiO (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Great commercial! It's kind of funny to see how everybody buckled up with no hesitation...

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