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Disembarkation Card: SPAIN

Wendy . Blog Published 08 September 2009

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Welcome back! You’ve probably been off traveling to other countries this summer. Or maybe you were just relaxing at home. You’ve met new people and visited old friends and family. The ports, airports, train stations and bus stations were crowded. Maybe you heard other languages at the beaches and museums, pubs and restaurants. You might even have attempted to practice your ENGLISH!

Have you ever thought about the documents the tourists have to fill out when they come to our country? Here’s a copy of the declaration what was handed out this year. Notice that it is in Spanish, English, French and Arabic. Do you speak all those languages? Do you speak at least 2 of them?
Print out the form. Scratch out the Spanish. Then go back and fill in the card. Is it easy?

Welcome: bienvenido
Crowded: llena de gente
Languages: idiomas
Attempted: Intentado
Fill out: rellenar
Hand out: repartir
Scratch out: tachar

Look at those lovely phrasal verbs!!!!! Welcome back to school.

--Wendy Frankel

Disembarkation Card: SPAIN

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EMiLiO (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I find these documents funny, especially when they ask you if you have something to declare... and they show amounts of money I wish I could have someday!

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