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Designer of the Obama "O"

Wendy . Blog Shakespeare slept here! Published 03 February 2009

YOU can create a high profile LOGO. Sol Sender did.

Sol Sender, grandson of Spain’s famous writer Ramón J. Sender Garcés, and his team at Sender LLC in Chicago presented seven or eight design options for the OBAMA campaign logo. They were asked back for the second round, and within 2 weeks their now famous “O" for OBAMA was chosen. The rest, as we say, is history.
Listen to Sol himself describe the process of creating the Obama "O"


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Comments (3)
jesus g. (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

good symbol for the president of the Century!!

Oscar (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I prefer Mc Kein!! He is moore experienced than Obama. Will see what he does. Wendy you have to write about your personal opinion of the Elections results

Juan (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I´d have prefer McCain too. Obama seems the savior of the world but I´m sure that is not going to fulfill expectations.

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