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Dec 23rd- 'Tis the night before the Night Before Christmas

Wendy . Blog Published 23 December 2010

UEM. 6:00 pm December 23rd, almost dark. The hallways are practically empty. It's late. Time to finish up the last tasks, the ones that get left to the very last moment. A few of you may be in your offices, but I doubt it. The parking lot looks pretty desolate.

Most of you are on your way "home" now. Drive carefully! Others are already there. Did you get all your Christmas shopping done? Is the menu planned and the refrigerator full? Are you home cooking or out with your friends or battling the crowds at the big shopping centers? I plan to take a walk with the dog, just the two of us. We'll get away from everyone and everything. A few minutes of peace and tranquility on a cold winter's night.

Wherever you are, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S. And don't forget to practice your English!


'Tis/ It is 'Twas/ it was : es/era 'Twas the Night before Christmas"

hallways: pasillos
empty: vacios
tasks: tareas
get left: se dejan
doubt: dudar
parking lots: los parking
get X done: terminar
full: lleno
cooking: cocinando
battling the crowds: peleando con las masas
shopping centers/malls: centros comerciales
get away from: alejarse de
peace: paz
wherever: donde sea
P.S./ Post script: P.D. posdata

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