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Cramming for exams: A really bad idea

Wendy . Blog Published 07 June 2013

Well, it's finally June. Time to take those last exams and finish those final projects.

You've kept up with your work, done all your reading, and completed all the assignments. You've finished your on-line course work and turned in everything the professors have asked for. You never missed a class and you actually enjoyed having a chance to talk to your professors about your classwork or homework during their office hours or after class. Your parents are proud of you. You have good study habits.

. No, no... Wait a minute. That's not you. That's your friend I've been talking about. You're the one who hasn't figured out that a trimester system means you have to study continuously. You have to keep up a good pace or you'll fall so far behind so fast that you can't catch up. Playing all year and cramming for finals in May or June is a thing of the past. You have to make a conserted effort every trimester. And then you'll be free, really free all summer.

You've had fun, that's for sure. Your mother and father ask, "When are you going to settle down and study." And you answer, "I'm young. I have to have fun while I can. EVERYBODY is going to Cancun or Rivera Maya or home with a classmaate who's from Cádiz or Tenerife or Mallorca. I want to go too. You, yes you have had a really good time this trimester. You just couldn't stand to miss those last days on the ski slopes, and the Feria de Abril, and those 3 great concerts, and the "botellones" on the beach during those two long weekends which really weren't long weekends but you took them anyway. And now, NOW you suffer the consequences. While you were off playing, many of your classmates were hard at work. And now they're finishing up, and you're...you're just getting started.

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