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Wendy . Blog Published 17 April 2012

I love bridges, all kinds of bridges: the beautiful ones like the Puente de Toledo over the Manzanares and the dozens of Ponte in Venice. There's a bridge over the Thames in Richmond that I am particularly fond of too.

I like the old iron bridge in Villaviciosa and our bridge right here at the university. It's fun to drive in the countryside in the US and come across an old rainroad trestle bridge or a covered bridge built long ago. Have you been to New York City and walked across the Brooklyn Bridge? You should. I make a point of walking across any bridge I can. Driving across them is OK too. There's nothing like the feeling you get as you practically fly across a long span over the inner coastal waterway in Florida, windows rolled down and the music surrounding you.

I grew up with bridges. The San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Richmond San Rafael Bridge, the San Mateo-Hayward, the Dunbarton, the Carquinez are all right there keeping people moving around and across the Bay . Do you recognize the bridge in this photograph? You should walk across it at least once in your lifetime.


Wendy in San Francisco -The Golden Gate Bridge

. Jose in .......... ? It looks just like the other bridge, but it's thousands of miles away.

The first person who can identify this bridge, will get a prize! Send us a comment on this blog.


bridges: puentes
fond of: te gusta en especial
iron: hierro
right here: aquí mismo
countryside: campo
come across: encontrarse con
trestle: antiguos puentes de madera para trenes
make a point of: tener la intención de
span: arco
rolled down: bajadas
surrounding: rodeando
grew up: crecí
right there: allí mismo
keeping: hacer que
moving around: moviéndose
at least once: por lo menos una vez

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Comments (2)
Mario (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

That´s the ``Ponte 25 de Abril´´, between Lisbon and Almada... I think.

Wendy (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

You're right, Mario. and you're the first to answer. I have a prize for you. See me.

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