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BOOKS: Do you read them?

Wendy . Blog Published 07 February 2011

Do you read?

Yes, yes, of course you read. You read a lot on the computer screen: your email, your Facebook, and an online "newspaper" or two. If you're trying to perfect your English or Spanish you can watch a series with the corresponding subtitles. You're listening AND reading! You just love your computer.

You can follow your courses on Moodle, do your research on Google, and send in your assignments without ever touching a pen or piece of paper or opening a book.

Occasionally you may read a letter or a bill, a birthday card or a magazine delivered to your house with the junk mail. You flip through the pile, and go back to your computer.

Meanwhile a lifetime's worth of books, the whole family's collection of books are gathering dust in the long ignored book shelves. Maybe it's time to take a break from the computer, and see if there are any treasures hiding right there at home.

How many hours a day do you spend on the computer? Are you hooked on the virtural information highway? Do you find yourself staring at the computer screen?

How often do you pick up a book? Really? "I read a lot at the beach during the summer?" Is that all?

Ask some of the older members of your family about all those books they have at home. "Oh, I remember sitting in the big armchair in front of the fire on a cold winter's day with 'A tale of two cities', 'Huck Finn'...."We used to sit out in the garden, listening to the birds and reading whatever we could get our hands on. We spent hours reading to children, not just a 10-minute story before bed.

Have books virtually disappeared from your life? Do you need to get reaquainted with books? Try these Help Desks!




screen: pantalla
courses: asignaturas
research: investigación
assignments: tareas, deberes
without touching: sin tocar
a bill: una factura
delivered: entregado
junk mail: correo basura, propaganda,
flip though the pile: revisar rápido el montón
gathering dusk: cogiendo polvo
treasures: tesoros
selves: estanterías
hooked: enganchado
staring/stare: mirar fijo
armchair: sillón

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Comments (2)
Roger Ricomà B2.T52 (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

In my opinion computers are having a great impact in the society but it doesn't means de disappearing of books. Books are very important to search some information or to read whatever we want. It is clear that laptops and technologies are beating the power of books.

Catalina Alonso... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

It is true that people nowadays read much less. I consider myself to be old-fashioned; I still read books on paper. I like the smell of books. I just finished reading "The red book of publicity" and now I am half way through "The red book of brands". Both written by Luis Bassat for my end of degree project. I also read on my kindle when traveling because it is useful and this way I carry less weight.

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