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The Blog experts at work !

Wendy . Blog Published 06 October 2009

The Blog experts at work! Here they are on a recent visit to the UEM LAB.

Oscar and Diego are always willing to help the bloggers get their acts together.

They are the problem solvers, the ones who work incognito. They keep the Blog up and going, and respond to the cries of , "Help! Ayúdame! I can't upload the photos." The spacing is off!" and a big etc. Thank you Oscar and Diego!



are always willing: siempre están dispuestos

get your act together : espabílate

keep X up and going: mantenerlo activo
X is off: está mal

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Comments (3)
Oscar (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Thank you very much Wendy! Next time i'll travel, i´ll bring the UEMlab logo with me to take a picture with it.

Diego (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Well, we are supposed to be working but we were reading your blog! ;)

estibaliz (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

amazing wendy! thanks a lot for your support!

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