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The best cook at UEM,2010?------Las 2 Conchitas!

Wendy . Blog Published 29 November 2010

Our THANKSGIVING PIE TASTING FEAST is a multi-faceted event.

It's for charity: Many people donated homemade desserts and drinks, and many more paid a euro and tasted them. This year we're supporting the NGO: Amigos de los Mayores so all the money will go to them.

It's for fun: The whole university was invited to partake and many people from many departments came down to try the desserts.

It's educational: We gave everyone a paper about Thanksgiving and encouraged everyone to practice their English while they were choosing their desserts.

It's a contest: Who's the best cook at UEM? This year 252.70 Euros were collected, and 104 votes were tallied. And the winner is.........Excuse me, the WINNERS ARE:

1st Place:Conchita JARA MAROTO from UEM LAB and her daughter Conchita BLANCO JARA from Instituto Arquitecto Ventura Rodriguez in Boadilla del Monte with their MOTHER-DAUGHTER cake.

2nd Place: Raul DELGADO from TIC-Departamento de Tecnología, Información y Comunicación with his QUESADA PASIEGA.

3rd Place: Antonio GAROFALO, a medical student from Italy, with his Pingú Cake.

AND.....20 Honorable Mentions to all the rest of you for your culinary effort. Thank you all for making this event a success. Next year we expect more participants!



Thanksgiving: Día de acción de Gracias
Pie: tarta con relleno de frutas etc
Taste: probar, saborear
Feast: banquete
event: acontecimiento
dessert: postre
support: apoyar
partake: participar
to try: probar
encourage: animar
choose: elegir
tallied: (to tally) sumareffort:esfuerzo
success: éxito

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Vicky (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Congratulations to the winners!

Mario (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Thank You for The Opportunity!!! Hurray Wendy........Hurray UemLab!!!

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