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Been watching the news? How's your geography?

Wendy . Blog Published 31 March 2011

You watch the news. You know what's going on around the world. You pay attention. However you may still have difficulty identifying all those places on a map.

For example: Japan is in the news every day. You know it's on the Pacific Ocean. It has been suffering from the results of multiple earthquakes and aftershocks, a tsunami and increasingly higher levels of radiation. Could you place Japan on a map?

Most of the Arab World is in political turmoil. Protests in Egypt started just after the new year, and other countries have followed suit. Rebel forces in Libia are trying to topple Gadaffi. It's in the news every day. We see both sides of the conflict from various vantage points as it is reported by journalists from French, German, Spanish, English and American TV networks. Their interviews and takes on the hostilities bring these countries problems right into your livingroom.

Hey, wait a moment. Those countries are quite close to home. Egypt.Libia. They share the Mediterrean with us. They are our neighbors.

Do you think you could place them on a map? Of course, you say. What about the rest of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Do you know your geography?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today we're going to have a geography lesson. Don't worry. There's no score. It's really an interactive Map Game. Take up the challenge! Place all the countries in northern Africa and the Middle East on a map. You can do it!

Remember, this is just a game. No one is keeping score. Just keep trying to place them until you get them all right.
Drag the name of the country onto the map. If you make a mistake you'll just get a big X. Try again, and again.... Oh, you can do better than that!


Enjoy! Wendy

P.S. I put this same Map Game on my blog on November 18, 2008?
Did you take it then? Did you do any better this time? I did.

Pay attention: prestar atención
in the news: en las noticias
earthquakes: terremotos
place: colocar, localizar, poner
turmoil: revuelto
follow suit: seguir de una manera parecido
topple: derrumbar
journalists: periodistas
networks: emisoras
vantage points: perspectiva
don't worry: no te preocupes
score: puntuación
challenge: desafio
keeping score: apuntando los resultados
keep trying: sigue intentando
get them all right: conseguir tenerlos todos bien
drag: arrastrar
make a mistake: equivocarse
get: obtener, recibir
try again: intentar de nuevo
P.S.= post script: P.D. Posdata

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