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From Barajas to O'Hare, from Madrid to Chicago

Wendy . Blog Published 03 February 2009

You've heard all about the new "T 4", at Barajas International Airport, Madrid. Maybe you've been there. You've seen the lofty ceilings with their red-orange-yellow, green-blue support structure.

Have you been to the O'Hare International Airport, Chicago? You'll feel right at home as you walk down the concourse. O'Hare is a "people friendly" airport. There is a train that connects the terminals. There are news stands, book stores, cafés, bars and food courts everywhere. You don't have to go far to find the Arrivals/Departures monitors. There are telephones and bathrooms everywhere.

And as you gaze up and down the concourse, you feel right at home: the Spanish flag is there to greet you.

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