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Air-powered cars

Wendy . Blog Published 12 April 2011

What do you think? Are air-powered cars the vehicles of the future?
YouI've driven a car for years. You know: noise, polution, speed, convenience, traffic jams!

A couple of years ago I called for a taxi. A hybrid van appeared to take me to the airport in San Francisco. It was a great ride, smooth and silent. The next year I rented a hybrid. It was great. We went over the mountains, through the desert. The only PROBLEM was that it didn't make noise. Animals, cyclists, pedestrians, other motorists couldn't hear the car and were oblivious to our passing by, or trying to pass. That would by my complaint about the hybrids: they can sneak up on you!

And the next step. Jules Verne predicted that cars would some day run on air. And now we have cars fueled on compressed air. It costs nothing. Air is free! It's clean. It doesn't use combustion.
The air-powered cars are strong, light weight and practical. They're being developed, they're more than on the drawing board, they're out there.

What do you think? Is the future here?


Watch this video and decide for yourself.


noise: ruido
speed: velocidad
traffic jams: atascos
van: mono-volumen
smooth: liso, suave
pedestrians: peatones
oblivious: despistado, no enterado
trying to pass: intentando adelantar
complaint: queja
sneak up:acercarse a escondidas y sin avisar
step: paso
run on: funcionar con
free: gratis (también libre en otros contextos)
on the drawing board: en fase de diseño
they're out there: están ya en la calle

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Comments (2)
Guadalupe (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I really hope so!! Earth would be happy!!

B1_T4M_MANELCANSADO (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

I'm astonish about these cars that use the air as combustion of the engine and so do it move!! I never have heard about it until yet and I must to look for myself if that could be possible so first I saw the links that you put in the post and they are incredible and then I search the web page of this business and I could see different models. A part that it has a funny models, this type of machine will be with any doubt the future of the engine. The only bad thing I see is that it have the same problem that the hybrid cars and they haven't enough power to go up a slope. So they can't be used in all the zones, although its a good solution to solve the daily tones of pollution emitted by the cars in the big cities. Maybe this will stop a little bit the advance of the climate change.

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