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30 years ago: February 23, 1981

Wendy . Blog Published 23 February 2011

A Fragile Democracy
The date today, February 23rd, might not mean much to you. However if you say it in Spanish, "23 F" it will. It was an important date in Spanish history. Yes, history. The attempted military takeover in Spain occurred 30 years ago, today. The fragile democracy almost ceased to exist and King Juan Carlos was definitely put to the test. He supported democracy and the rest is history.
Some of you may remember those few hours. You lived them. Your parents or grandparents may have told you about that tense time. Most of you read about it in the newspapers, and now on-line. Some of you may be from different countries and don't know what I'm talking about.

The most surprising thing about the military takeover was that we heard it on the radio and watched it on TV, live! Yes, the session was being filmed from the balcony of the parliament building, "Congreso de Diputados", and the shouts and shots were heard around the country. No one needed to inform the media. They were the first to know! And most people stayed at home, glued to the TV and the radio, quietly awaiting the outcome. You know the result: You've grown up in a democracy.

More comments on 23F- Look at Feb 2009 on this blog.



mean: significar
takeover: toma de poder, golpe de estado
ceased: cesar, dejar de
put to the test: puesto a prueba
supported: apoyar
live: en directo
parliament building: edificio del Congreso
shouts: gritos
shots: tiros
media: los medios de comunicación
glued: pegado a
awaiting: esperando
outcome: resultado, desenlace
grown up: te has hecho mayor


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