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20th Book Exchange & Sale

Wendy . Blog Published 29 March 2015

The Language Center's 20th Book Exchange & Sale was a great success this spring because many of you participated. You donated books. You bought books. You moved books and tables so we could set up on the first day and close down on the second. Yes, many people were involved including a record number of student volunteers. You learned how to organize an event of this size and how to help people find books they might be interested in. You sold a lot of books and it made you feel good. Volunteering always makes people feel good, and Amigos de Sierra Leona, the NGO we're supporting this year, was very happy to receive our donation. We made 453.07 € for them during our sale on March 11th and 12th. UEM STAFF VOLUNTEERS: Danny Elmakawi, Pilar Prada, Wendy Frankel, Arancha Otero, Ilene Smalec, Ken Gómez, Esther Morales, Rod Allister, Pam Larenza, Cindy Freeman, Luis Otero, Miguel López, Ismael Fernández, Lorraine Dakers, Leticia Jimenez, Ana Isabel Díaz, Sara Grandio STUDENT VOLUNTEERS: Cristina Almarcha, Fernando Unquiles, Héctor Martín, Alvaro Flores, Luis Gómez, Pierina Bazan, Mariana Pabón, Patricia Sanchez, Sara Paz, Manuel Moldes, Elena Jimenez, Cristian Varas, Sandra López, Lourdes Estefani, Mª Gomez-Llusa, Andrés Montes, Itziar Mozo, Elena Manera, Jon Rey, Jesús Santiago, Francisco José Plaza, Gabriel Luque, Luis Peñalver, Alberto Guinea, Hugo Iglesias, Leria Sanchez

-BOOK CONTRIBUTORS: Gala Arias, Jose Alvarez, Cecilia Ward, Mª José Peset, Ilene Smalec, Lorraine Dakers, Danny Elmakawi, Pilar Prada, Wendy Frankel and several more. Other students filmed and conducted interviews at the event. André Sanchez & Joao Pedro Fraga from Brazil and Paula Villar & Luciana Villegas from Perú

Poster designed by students A.LANZ & NACHOPK Right now we're all on SPRING BREAK. Some of you may be reading the books you bought. I know I am. Hope you've having a good time during your Easter Vacation/Spring Break. Wendy Vocabulary: success: éxito set up: montar volunteers: voluntarios close down: cerrar involved: involucrado size: tamaño supporting: apoyando spring break: vacaciones de Semana Santa Easter Vacation: vacaciones de Semana Santa

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MARIAJOSE F. in... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

Hello Wendy, I´ve learnt about you at "Conecta2" and I watched your video. I wiss you a happy retirement. Thank you for your enthusiasm, you are a very good example for all the teachers in UE.

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