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Esther Morales Profesora inglés Language Center Blog Love for words Published 16 November 2015

In todays posts I am going to transcrip three great compositions written by Alberto Santara, Jose Manuel Toro Yébenes and our not anonymous student anymore: PIERRE SEMSEVY who are all studying A2 at present. Your work is a fine example to other students!

I also want to thank Conchita for the idea of today's post. It takes a great teacher to get the best out of her students.


"This charity organization was founded by Pablo Ugarte's parents. Pablo died
of cancer and this organization now raises money to research against cancer.

It was founded in 2000. Since its foundation a lot of people have participated by organizing several events such as golf competitions or sponsored walks.

This charity organization also sells T-shirts and corporate school

All the members are volunteers, none of them receives any salary for their

In my opinion this organization has grown quickly because a lot of people
have participated in many different ways.

To sum up, all charity organizations that raise money for research play an
important role in our society beause I think that the government in my country
should support more medical research than they do."

Jose Manuel Toro Yébenes.


"In the world there are a lot of problems that affect us, and we can find
many organizations that try to help. Each organization aims to solve a
particular problematic situation.

Last Thursday, in my university, (UEM) there was an event where a lot of
organizations participated, each one raising money in order to deal with social
problems. Some organizations help animals, others help the environment. These
organizations are very important because because they help the world for the
benefit of us all. One example of that help is FUNDEBE that promotes
the schooling of African children.

People were aware of the relevance of these organizations, the majority of
students participated, the stands were crowded, information was given, jewelry
and food was sold, every NGO helping in their own way.

I tried to be of help in several stands because I believe that if everyone
does their bit we would live in a better world. More developed countries like
ours should be an example and help the more needy and think of the future
generations to come.

Alberto Santara


"Colegio Nuestra señora del Carmen"

I am presenting today an organization which works in the north west of
Africa. It's a non-profit organization so nothing material is expected in
return of their endeavour. I am going to give examples of its

This organization highlights a unique and valuable quality of humankind:
giving selflessly to those in need. Nobody is forced to join this organization,
it grows out of the desire to help.

This organization is a pioneer in a little known region of the world which
requires real help. It is both rewarding for those who help and to the ones
being helped. It's a life experience. The objetive is to give an education
who will allow social progress.

The whole experience promotes a feeling of modesty and an awareness of how
other people lead their lives because the professionals working in situ do so
without most modern means.

It's not a well-known organization who works for wellbeing of children. Armed
with our solidarity and our joy we can bring something of value in our free

Pierre Sensevy

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Comments (3)
Danny (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:30 pm Reply

Great to see students taking part in events to help other people and foster empathy. I liked this observation by Alberto: "if everyone does their bit we would live in a better world."

Anónimo (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:30 pm Reply

Such a true statement, thanks Danny

Concepción Jara... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:30 pm Reply

Our annonymous student is Pierre Sensevy

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