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Are you happy with your studies?

Esther Morales Profesora inglés Language Center Blog Love for words Published 21 September 2015

Are you happy with your studies? Starting the new year can be quite a (1) mind-boggling experience. Some subjects that you love will (2) blow your mind, while others might feel a bit (3) dull. One thing is for sure, you'll find the changes between being on holiday and starting your classes quite (4) staggering. It's normal if you feel a little bit confused and (5) stifled for the first days or weeks. Give yourself time to adjust to your new timetable, going back to getting up early, taking notes, doing assignments and taking exams might make you feel (6) you've had it. You may feel you would like to (7) skip ahead a few years to see what your life will be like when you are working and are in a different environment altogether. Let me assure you,at times you might think (8) you are done with being a university student but you are not. So don't be (9) over-indulgent with your imagination! Trust me, you do not really want to (10) rush past some of the best years of your life. What are you (11) mumbling? You've heard that line before? Well, that's because it is true! Go to class armed with enthusiasm and willingness to learn and you'll enjoy it all even more.
Glossary: (1) mind-boggling= desbordante (2) blow your mind= te alucinarán (3) dull= sosas (4) stiffled= agobiado (5) you've had it= ya has tenido suficiente de algo (6) skip ahead= saltar, ir hacia adelante (7) you are done with= ya has tenido suficiente de algo (8) be over-indulgent with something = no te des demasiado a hacer algo; no exageres (9) overindulgent= demasiado complaciente con uno mismo(10) rush past= correr a toda prisa (11) mumble = murmurar

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