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International experiencies

Learn from the idiomatic practical tips of our professors or enjoy international experiences from the comfort of home: we bring you the cultural diversity that infuses Universidad Europea.


Many times when you look at a word you can see other words inside it.
Sometimes this helps you to learn vocabulary or to spell words correctly.

Take 1 letter out of each word to form another word. For example:



The first text message to a cellphone was appropriate of the season: "Merry Christmas". Neil Papworth sent this message to Richard Jarvis who was at a Christmas party near Vodafone headquarters in Newbury, England. That was 16 years ago. Texting on the cellphone itself didn't exist yet, so the message had to be typed out on a computer keyboard.



Drag the country's name onto the map. There is no humbling score nor

time limit, but rather this exercise is a learning tool. Don't be afraid to

make an error, and once you finish the puzzle, you will be far more


You may be going home for the holidays. You may be taking a plane.
Look at all the planes flying on a single day.


The campus is beautiful! The lake is covered with snow! The trees and the benches, and... everything ! Lorenna Najera, a student from México saw snow for the first time here at the UEM on Friday. Mariluz & I happened to be on the bridge, taking pictures of this unusual event when she came out.