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International experiencies

Learn from the idiomatic practical tips of our professors or enjoy international experiences from the comfort of home: we bring you the cultural diversity that infuses Universidad Europea.


Try this word puzzle and see if you can find the message.

Look at the crossword puzzle. Click on the number and you will see a definition of the word. Type the word in next to the definition.


I was always taught to turn off the lights when I left a room.
As a child, as a teenager, as a university student we all went around turning off the lights that others had left on.


We think we are all so unique. You think of yourself as an individual, a person with an identity that no one else can claim.
Have you ever wondered how many other people are out there, sharing your name, your identity?

I know there’s another Wendy Frankel from San Francisco, California who is a doctor. Apparently there are 4 more.


How good are you at remembering faces?
This test will determine if you're getting enough sleep.
The test consists of three parts. You'll see 12 pictures in the first part. Take a break, and then see another 12 in the second part. Take another break.