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International experiencies

Learn from the idiomatic practical tips of our professors or enjoy international experiences from the comfort of home: we bring you the cultural diversity that infuses Universidad Europea.


You're a mother ! Did your off-spring call you or send you flowers or pay attention to you on Mother's Day?

You may not be a mother, but you have a mother or had a mother, step-mother, grandmother, substitute mother--someone who helped you become who you are today. Did you contact that person on Sunday?


The Honor System


Words and Colors that don't match

Read the directions very well. Read them again !
Can you get 100% on the FIRST try?

It took me two tries to get 100%.


The computer age ! What's next?


That's right, it's "finals" time again. Time to be nervous and study like crazy. For some of you... For others..... ???

Of course, YOU are A GOOD STUDENT. You finished up your courses on time following the continuous evaluation plan.