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kenneth-gomez . Blog A UEM Language Center Blog Published 08 March 2016

Part 1

You must answer this question. Write your answer in 150 – 180 words in an appropriate style.

At work you have been asked to come up with an inspirational phrase which will be put on a wall for all to see and be inspired. Decide on the phrase and give a reason for your choice.


Firstly I have to say I’m a bit averse to inspirational phrases. Personally, each time I read one it reminds me of my mediocrity. Why are all these phrases written by brilliant minds, or are these the only ones that get the seal of approval? It seems unfair that Steve Jobs is constantly telling me to “follow my dreams” (curiously, most of my dreams cannot be discussed in public) or Virgil is reminding me that “they are able who think they are able”. Perhaps geniuses should keep their advice to themselves and let the rest of us continue our journey as best we can.

But if I’m pushed to choose one I would go for something less genius and more common sense. One I often use, especially in this world of constant tinkering, is: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. And on a more esoteric level: Regret is more painful than failure.

So there you have my thoughts for what they are worth. Let me know which phrases inspire you and why, perhaps you’ll change my point of view.

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Comments (2)
Luis Otero (not verified)
8 March 2016 11:39 am Reply

“Is sex dirty? Only when it's being done right.” ― Woody Allen. I´ll leave the rest out just in case there are children reading this.

Nieves (not verified)
9 March 2016 06:29 pm Reply

In my case, I also decided that inspirational phrases from brilliant minds could not represent me. Of course, they can make you think or motivate you, but not to be "the perfect phrase for my own way". Because of that reason, I decided to follow my ideas, and learn to motivate myself. I usually say to me and to my close friends something like: "+experiencies". It doesn´t matter if they are good or bad experiences. The important is to live them. And the sooner, the better. It´s not like "Carpe Diem", because I think that is a very irrational attitude. It´s the inspirational phrase I use to learning about bad or good things that happens in life. Well, maybe this kind of philosophie is a little similar to yours of "Regret is more painful than failure". So, in conclusion... the best option is always to live experiences and not to be quiet!

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