Shakespeare slept here!

Read this blog ! Practice your English! Come on ( venga ya)!. No deadlines (fechas tope). No exams. It's just a fun way to learn the language. 

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More students = more staff = more classrooms = more of everything !

Enrollment is up so classroom space is at a premium. If the student population continues to grow at the current rate, Buildings A,B,C,and D will be bursting at the seams. What's the solution? Building E ? Yes, it is now under construction.


Have you been to the UEMLAB, English Language Program at the Universidad Europea de Madrid this week? Have you seen the Giant Pumpkins in the basement of Building A?


In late September, 2011 the news stations warned the world that some space junk would be falling to earth. Just where would it land? Should we worry about this?


Windows ! Windows everywhere.

The language lab is all windows, all interior windows that is. The walls are made of glass. Everyone can see what's going on in the lab, in the classes, in the offices. There are no secrets. And every few months someone comes to wash all those windows and glass walls. It's quite a job!



"International" Speed Exchange: You missed it ! Or did you?
September 13th and 15th, 2011


Listen? Can you identify all those foreign languages being spoken on campus this year? Do you understand any of them?


Scripts, costumes, sound effects....INSTANT THEATER!


Do you speak English? Of course you do. You know a lot of words like:


The future once again is upon us. A 3D copy machine invented by the Z Corporation can replicate an object, even an object with moving parts. This video shows a tool, a wrench, being scanned and sent to a 3D printer. Color is added. The image then is sent to the printer.