Shakespeare slept here!

Read this blog ! Practice your English! Come on ( venga ya)!. No deadlines (fechas tope). No exams. It's just a fun way to learn the language. 

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AMIGOS DE SIERRA LEONA Our Social Responsibility activities for the academic year 2014-2015 have now been completed, and our donations sent to the NGO


Book Sale


The Language Center's 20th Book Exchange & Sale was a great success this spring because many of you participated. You donated books. You bought books. You moved books and tables so we could set up on the first day and close down on the second. Yes, many people were involved including a record number of student volunteers.


The Campanile. Where is it?


Writing Love letters. A lovely activity for the week preceding Valentine's Day.


Writing Love letters. A lovely activity for the week preceding Valentine's Day. Hundreds of students and staff are participating again this year. And why not? We mustn't dwell on the negative, on our worries.Post a message on the bulletin boards for everyone to see.

Today is Friday the 13th. Does that worry you? Have you even noticed the date yet?


What's coming tomorrow? What's going on around you right now?


Happy New Year


Candy Canes for sale! Nieves at the Language Center was responsible for all those handmade tags we put on the candy canes as well as for decorating the collection boxes.


Thanksgiving in Spain? Well, we celebrated our 10th Thanksgiving Pie Tasting Feast here at UEM on November 27th. 36 desserts and several drinks were donated by staff and students. The "bake sale" was on. Everyone taste-tested 4 desserts and voted on the best. They also talked about Thanksgiving and cooking, and hung around practicing their English.