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Volunteering at the Book Sale

Wendy . Blog Published 11 May 2016

Students, employees, and visitors came to the UEM Language Center's XXII 2-day book sale on May 4th and 5th to donate books and buy books for as little as 1 and 2 Euros each. Student volunteers joined the teachers and staff who took turns at the stand talking about books they'd read, recommending books and collecting money for an NGO. This year UNHCR / ACNUR was the NGO selected by the Language Center staff. It is the UN agency for refugees and the pamphlets that were posted read "EMERGENCIA EN SIRIA..." : 4 million refugees. 8 million homeless. Collaborate with ACNUR. Two of the volunteers I spoke to are at UEM to study dentistry.













Luc Aouad, who is from Lebannon, is with Cindy Freeman and me in one photo. In the other Rod Allister and Miriam Rivas are working alongside Samy Haddad who is from France though his family is from Siria. He grew up in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Hope you decide to help with the Language Center activities in the future. Everyone is always welcome.




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