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Study Abroad: A great opportunity

Wendy . Blog Published 14 May 2017

Look around you. Listen. Some of your classmates speak foreign languages. They come from England and Ireland, France and Germany, Chile and Peru, and many other countries you'd love to visit some day. What are you waiting for? International exchange programs are a great way to see the world. You're not a tourist, you're a long-term visitor. You adapt. You learn. You grow. You make life-long friends.

I went to Mexico on an exchange program 3 times when I was a teenager. In high school in California, I befriended the exchange student from Costa Rica. At the universtiy I met a lot of foreign students and decided I wanted to spend a year abroad, in Spain! Great country. I'm still here.

You want to travel, right? You want to see the world.  Find out about exchange programs at the International Office. Maybe you can go for a month or a trimester, a semester or a year. Take some courses. Get university credit. Travel on the weekdends. Wow, really? Yes, really. What's stopping you? Where exactly do you want to go?

COSTA RICA ?  Jungles, rivers, volcanos...  adventure travel. Sounds good. Try the ziplines through the canope and swing on a rope like Tarzan. Ride quads along jungle paths. Take a launch up the rivers to see the crocodiles, dolphins and turtles. Befriend an iguana on an island in the Pacific. Study the birds. Snorkle with the fish. Go into the crater of a dormant volcano. Relax in the hot springs descending from another. Visit banana and coffee plantations. Check out the wildlife and vegetation everywhere. Take a bus, a "buseta" in any direction. Go on your own or take weekend tours. Go to Tortuguero and spend a night or two in a resort in the jungle where the monkeys are watching you from the trees, and there are no cars anywhere. Everything is brought in, and taken out by boat. You're in another dimension. 

Think about it.





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Comments (2)
Amra Askraba (not verified)
16 May 2017 11:48 am Reply

Great post Wendy. Thank you !

Esther (not verified)
29 May 2017 05:54 pm Reply

Costa Rica sounds so alluring Wendy! Thank you for telling us about it :)

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