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Dancing & Singing in English!

Wendy . Blog Published 10 March 2016

Do you like the music from the 60's and '70s and beyond? Yeah, I do too. You know, Chuck Berry’s ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN, Sam Cook’s WONDERFUL WORLD  “I don’t know much about history…,” Elvis’s BLUE SUEDE SHOES, IT’S NOW OR NEVER . Do you remember DON’T BE CRUEL, YOU’RE 16, LOVE POTION #9, IN THE SUMMER TIME, HEAT WAVE, SPEEDY GONZALEZ...PRETTY WOMAN, THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING and many, many more?

You do? Of course, you do. And you know the words to a lot of them, in English. I highly recommend that you check out the group MEMPHIS, based here in Madrid. The musicians and singers, Angel, David (who sounds just like Elvis), Jaime, Emilio, Agustin and Susana are all Spanish but they sing in English. If you go see them, you’ll be practicing your English, singing away with everyone in the room, and dancing too. You can rock ‘n roll, and do the TWIST. I was dancing up a storm at LATIGAZO in La Florida, Majadahonda one night and at LASAL in Madrid on another. It was great fun. MEMPHIS will be at LATIGAZO again on May 6th. I’ll be there too. Hope to see you, and sing and dance along with you. Most of you need to practice your English and this is a great way to do it.

Want to know more about MEMPHIS? Ask at the Language Center. Conchita Jara has been to see them. Chantal Tresca, the French teacher, goes to every one of their gigs/concerts/charity events. Her husband Emilio started the group years ago. Some of you may know the female singer Susana Gimeno. She was a student at UEM who later worked in several departments. Check out their website for other events.


Beyond:  más allá

Suede: ante

Heat wave: ola de calor

Speedy: muy veloz

Check out: fijarte en, echarle un vistazo, ir a (sí, también es pasar por caja en una tienda y pagar en un hotel/hospital)

Sounds like: parece , suena como

Singing away: cantando con mucho ánimo

Dancing up a storm: bailando mucho/ a lo loco     (storm: tormenta)

Want to know? =Do you want to know?: quieres saber

Photo Credits: Thank you Juan. That’s a great photo of the group.  Thank you Miguel and David for getting the photo sized for this post.



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