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episode 164: A Rainy Day in New York

Babel World Blog del Grado en Traducción y Comunicación Intercultural de la UEV Blog Published 13 December 2019

On December 11th, TCI students from Universidad Europea de Valencia went to the cinema to watch A Rainy Day in New York, recently released and directed by Woody Allen. As an activity within the subject Lengua B Inglés (1st year), and accompanied by the teachers Begoña Barrado and Gisela Abad, we had the opportunity to watch the movie in the original version with Spanish subtitles, even though it would have been great to watch it with English subtitles.

First of all, I must say that the movie was quite good, but maybe the vocabulary used is not the easiest to understand for a non-advanced English speaker, even with Spanish subtitles, some of the translations weren't very accurate. I am not sure if it was intentional, due to the ironic and specific humor sense of the movie, or they were translated like that because of the difficulty of some expressions. Either way, I think it should have been managed with more precision.

The plot was rather eccentric, and I have loved that. Every character had a specific personality filled with their own cultural knowledge, which is perfectly shown in the film. It is needed to say that the movie may not be for everybody's taste. On one hand, I think most of the actors and actresses are phenomenal, that is to say, the movie was fully enjoyable. On the other, maybe some of the themes they show on it and the global culture that you are required to know could end up being a little tedious for the viewer. In spite of it, the film turned out to be thought-provoking in some way for all of us, and that is what matters.

All in all, A Rainy Day in New York was for me such an interesting movie to watch, from the use of the English language to the rich artistic influence it is shown in it. I have enjoyed this movie and I will surely watch it again with English subtitles.

Adrián García (1º TCI)

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