Shakespeare slept here!

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Mara Cuevas. B2... (not verified)
5 February 2016 12:29 pm Reply

My best travel was when two friends and I went to Amsterdam. It was when we were studying in college, our third year. We were studying arts, and we wanted to see all the museums that this city had. When we arrived in Amsterdam we could see how beautiful this town was. All his streets had narrow buildings, with big canals with a lot of boats. It was so fun to rent bicycles and ride on the streets. This, city has light traffic. It’s a special place and the people are so nice. We visited some very important museums like the Vincent Van Gogh museum where we could see all the paintings that this genius has painted. I can see " the iris", the nicest painting that I 've seen in my life. It has special colors. When, you see it, you can smell the flowers and you can imagine the beautiful landscape where he painted this painting. Also we enjoyed the night life in this city , It is very similar to Spanish night life. There are a lot of young people and a lot of bars, It was very surprising for us because we always thought that this part of Europe was very boring.