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This community gives our professors and students the opportunity to write blogs on topics of interest in all kinds of areas, such as culture, science or healthy living. Check it out and read what they have to say!


Uno de los grupos internacionales de prácticas de estudiantes de odontología junto a la profesora responsable Esther Manzanera y las estudiantes de traducción e interpretación Lucía Toledo y Micaela Serrano.


A challenge! Do you have a hard time showing your feelings? Try writing them down!
We asked our staff and students to write a poem, a love letter, a valentine,
and this is the result. Rather than putting them up in the Language Center


Episode 64 of our Blog has an international focus as always, but this time from one of our Laureate English Program students. Our student Quentin Rollin talks about his experiences as a foreign student here in the Universidad Europea Valencia


Juan Vázquez Menlle, Presidente de la Federación Madrileña de Deportes para Discapacitados Intelectuales y Profesor de Actividad Física Adaptada de UEM was here to show us what it is like to be blind and how to be a guide for a blind person. He's collaborated with me in this activity at the LANGUAGE CENTER for 4 years now, and passers-by always stop to see what's going on.