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. A reflection or a warped image? Art or an atrocity? A cartoon or an architectural faux pas? A fleeting vision as one walks past?


Una obra de consulta que los traductores médicos esperábamos desde hace tiempo


Look around. Fall is here. And it certainly took its time this year.

One of the gardeners saw me taking photos of the trees, and told me the most beautiful tree on campus was at the back of Residence Hall II. I decided to walk up there to see it.


El pasado viernes 4 de noviembre, Iris Serrat vino a introducirnos en el mundo de la Accesibilidad y la Audiodescripción. Fue una conferencia muy interesante porque nunca se me habría ocurrido que fuera una salida profesional de la traducción.


More students = more staff = more classrooms = more of everything !

Enrollment is up so classroom space is at a premium. If the student population continues to grow at the current rate, Buildings A,B,C,and D will be bursting at the seams. What's the solution? Building E ? Yes, it is now under construction.