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Have you been to the UEMLAB, English Language Program at the Universidad Europea de Madrid this week? Have you seen the Giant Pumpkins in the basement of Building A?


Esta mañana cuatro alumnos Erasmus provenientes de Canadá han visitado nuestra aula para ilustrarnos sobre su cultura y su estilo de vida canadiense. Durante casi una hora han compartido con nosotros sus costumbres, sus aficiones, su gastronomía, sus festividades, su vida universitaria en Ottawa y mucho más.


In late September, 2011 the news stations warned the world that some space junk would be falling to earth. Just where would it land? Should we worry about this?


Windows ! Windows everywhere.

The language lab is all windows, all interior windows that is. The walls are made of glass. Everyone can see what's going on in the lab, in the classes, in the offices. There are no secrets. And every few months someone comes to wash all those windows and glass walls. It's quite a job!