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Put yourself on the map! Be a UEM LAB REPORTER around the world!


Are you tech savy? Do you have all the most up to date gadgets and appliances? Do you miss them terribly when you are away? When you travel do you expect all the same technology as you have at home?


Un post más, una invitada nueva. Paso de inmediato la pluma a Pilar Lima, profesora de Lengua de Signos para alumnos del grado en traducción. Más que nunca quizás, os invito a leer sus palabras, me hicieron sonreír, emocionarme y pensar. La mejor manera de agradecerle su labor será sin duda con vuestros comentarios.


Pronunciation is important.
Practice speaking whenever you can. As the saying goes "practice makes perfect."
So.........keep practicing.One of these days you may have to say something that's really
important, and you'll want to be sure that people understand you.

Talk to yourself in the mirror. What do you look like? What do you sound like?


Sometimes signs are not enough:

NO PARKING! And everyone parks anyway.
DON'T WALK! And everyone crosses the street.

This photo was taken in BATH, ENGLAND. Obviously, no sign was necessary!


You've been going to school for years.Have you ever had the chance to give your opinion about your teachers and classes? Here at the UEM you do. And now, as one more academic year is coming to a close, we want to know what you think about your English language course at the UEM LAB.