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UEM. 6:00 pm December 23rd, almost dark. The hallways are practically empty. It's late. Time to finish up the last tasks, the ones that get left to the very last moment. A few of you may be in your offices, but I doubt it. The parking lot looks pretty desolate.


Queridos alumnos,

Queridos lectores,



6 de enero…una fecha que sin duda despierta en nosotros recuerdos de roscones, reyes y regalos. Un ambiente mágico que ha dado lugar a miles de cuentos e historias y que servirá de base para el nuevo concurso lanzado por el Departamento de LENGUAS APLICADAS.


"Vapor Trails over Majadahonda" -Wendy Frankel 6/2009

No planes, or very few planes were flying in Spain this weekend.


Imagine you are in a cave. You want to describe your world: leave a personal statement on the wall. NO, not on the wall---on brown paper! We don't know if primitive man painted because he was marking the moment or remembering the past or dreaming of the future. Our UEM LAB cave artists decided for him.


What better way to meet the locals than to be a reporter yourself!