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Have you seen the giant pumpkins in "Capricho" Park in Madrid?

Ilene Smalac just sent in this photo. Some of those pumpkins look almost as big as ours!


El pasado 7 de octubre, los estudiantes de 5º de Traducción realizaron una visita a los juzgados de Moncada. El objetivo de la misma era que pudieran asistir a varios juicios y conocer de primera mano el contexto en el que se originan los documentos que traducimos en clase.


Want to meet new people really fast? Try SPEED EXCHANGE!


When I was growing up a clock was a clock. And a watch was just like a clock, but you wore it on your wrist. It had a face and 2 hands.


Welcome 2010.
On the 30th of September, the 1st and 4th of October several WELCOME 2010 stands were set up on the UEM campus. Those of you who talked to the people at the stands were given presents along with pamphlets about the activities on campus.