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"Jacaranda" is the contemporary dance troupe at the UEM. The dancers are all students in their first year of the Dance degree or in the Sports degree programs. These kids can really dance! That's an understatement if I have ever made one.



Ya tenía yo ganas de que ocurriera algo así, ya tenía yo ganas de que un alumno cogiera el relevo de nuestro blog y participará de manera activa al porvenir de esta pequeña ventana abierta sobre esta carrera y esta profesión.


Do you remember people when you see them again? You may not remember their names, but do you remember if you've seen them before and when you saw them?


What do you think about this car-plane the "Transition" which is expected to be available in 2011? Terrafugia has completed its flight testing of the Transition POC (Proof of Concept). It's a plane that you can land at the airport, fold up the wings and drive home. Great idea! 20 years from now will we all have "Transitions"?