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You do a load of wash. The clothes go in and the clothes come out. Everything's nice and clean. You take the shirts, shake out as many wrinkles as you you can, and throw them in the dryer. You grab the socks and underwear and toss them in too. Then you're off to attend to other demands.


We all know about the tragedy in HAITI: a major earthquake, tremors, aftershocks, another earthquake. Can you IMAGINE what it's like to be in HAITI right now?


Please help the people in HAITI who are suffering from a 7.0 magnitute earthquake and 5+ magnitude aftershocks.



Happy New Year! Happy 2010 ! Oh, that looks futuristic just like 2000 or 2001 did a decade ago. And what about 1-1-2010? That looks really strange, doesn't it?


Ya estamos todos de vuelta, aún algo resacosos de tantas calorías ingeridas pero con las pilas cargadas, dispuestos a atacar el nuevo semestre.
Para satisfacer vuestro apetito de conocimientos, quisiera informaros de un curso que me ha sido recomendado por nuestro profesor Jaime Roda Bruce y que tendrá lugar en febrero de este nuevo año.