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¡Uf! Ya está acabando el año y con qué rapidez; casi no lo hemos visto pasar y, sin embargo, en pocos meses hemos presenciado muchas cosas en este pequeño mundo que nos rodea y que siempre nos ofrece noticias sobre las que hablar y aprender.


You hear many songs in English every day: on the radio, in the department stores, in the mall, on CDs and DVDs, in the cinema and on TV. You might know a few words but do you know ALL the words to the most famous songs?


Ideas! Needs! New products! You could create a new product, find a market for it, and become the entrepreneur the world has been waiting for. Think Bill Gates and the personal computer you may be using right now. You have great ideas. Work on them.


Water-colors, long-handled brushes, and clay paint-pots.

A few tables placed on end and covered with brown paper.