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Experiencias internacionales

Aprende con los prácticos consejos idiomáticos de nuestros profesores o disfruta de las experiencias internacionales sin salir de casa: te acercamos la diversidad cultural que se respira en la Universidad Europea.


Colorín, colorado, Este año académico se ha acabado.

One more academic year has finished; 2014-2015 is a thing of the past.

And now....vacation! It's time to play.
You've taken your last exam, turned in your project, finished everything albeit at the last moment. It's August, finally!


Our holidays are almost here and we are going to make the most of them: we are going to relax and rest up before getting back to our normal routine, we are going to see all the tourist spots, hopefully get a bit of a tan and (1) have lovely sleep-ins in the mornings. It's going (2) to be a blast!


Part 1

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Are you more or less ready for the holidays?

Whether you are going to a new destination or heading straight back home one thing is for sure, you wouldn't miss the holidays for the world.

Not everything about the holidays is pretty though.


Summer holidays are here at last.

We need to make our reservations, book our room and means of transport, decide where to go and with whom... so many things and all of them with a common denominator: we need money to do them.