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Experiencias internacionales

Aprende con los prácticos consejos idiomáticos de nuestros profesores o disfruta de las experiencias internacionales sin salir de casa: te acercamos la diversidad cultural que se respira en la Universidad Europea.


Is it easy for you to concentrate when you need to study? Or do you suddenly feel like you have to get other things done such as (1) clearing away the plates from the table, (2) picking up your email or tidying up your wardrobe?


I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the fall trimester. I miss you and all the classes and good times we shared. Get involved and stay involved in all the Language Center activities. They're fun.



Are you happy with your studies? Starting the new year can be quite a (1) mind-boggling experience. Some subjects that you love will (2) blow your mind, while others might feel a bit (3) dull. One thing is for sure, you'll find the changes between being on holiday and starting your classes quite (4) staggering.


The summer is fast coming to an end and the new academic year is here already. Good news, bad news? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Remember that, as we say in English, (1) every cloud has a silver lining.